award from reikoBARNEY ^.^

terimas reiko
skaly due reiko kasikk

1.Write 5 intresting facts about the person who gave u this award
she's going to be sweet nineteen ,she's very cute and hot plus spicy ,her bf is
Synyster Scrump and she love scrump so much more than words ! she also smart .

2. Write down 10 intresting facts about yourself and your hobby
tdo mkn tdo lh pe agy kn kn . addicted to salmah ,ejoy and also my grandpa and grandma . purple color mnjd kegilaan . sweet talker ,love dance ,hangout ,belogging ,facebookin' and so on . want to be a gud daughter ,a gud systa and a gud friend ^.^

3. Pick your most 10 deserving recipients and describe them
ziana ,daren ,aten zainal ,yuyui and sape sape jeq lh .

4. Link the blog of the person who gives this award to you.

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and the link
thanks to my reikoBARNEY for giving me this award

2. Spread the award to 15 blogger who you like & you think their blogs are awesome :
ziana ,daren ,aten zainal ,yuyui and sape sape jeq yg singgah ke blog saya :)